Leafhoppers be gone

It turns out that our mothers were right when they applied Aloe Vera on our sunburns and scrapes.  But mom didn’t know how effective GroAloe, an organic patented version of Aloe Vera, is in helping to repel pests, healing the damage from fires and smoke to vines and trees while boosting the health of crops and soil, all with a cost savings!

Grape growers in Canada, desperate to remedy their pest issues have now conducted 2 GroAloe product trials. The first in 2018 and the second one in 2019 in conjunction with the University of British Columbia, which just ended and will be published by year-end. Here are the preliminary results:

  Infestation Before Trial  During Trial  By End Of Trial

Both studies confirm that applying GroAloe to crops in mid-season or at the beginning of the season effectively:

  • Removes the presence of Leafhoppers as well as other insects
  • Produces healthier fruit clusters with a greater fruit set
  • Increase of 47% in yield of grapes without changing the taste
  • No sign of uneven growth of berries and clusters
  • Skin structure of the Merlot was very evident
  • The merlot had great tannin development with long-chain tannins arriving

We have started our third grape trial, this one in Southern California, with one of the largest growers in the industry concerned about their Vine Mealybug infestation.  Frustrated by the damage and potential loss, this trial is being conducted during harvest, which we know is a desperate measure, but the potential benefits outweigh the risk.  Stay tuned for more updates on this trial.                                                    

GroAloe is available through Better Green Crops, whose owners are concerned with long-term sustainability, preserving our planet’s natural resources of water, soil & air and focused on creating ecosystems that promote less soil erosion and water usage (GroAloe works with both drip irrigation and foliar spray systems.)                                                                                                     

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