Grape Vines

47% Increased Yield

90% Leafhopper reduction

We have had some very encouraging success in recent trials including an organic winery that was heavily infested with leafhoppers, which are one of the worst insects in the industry. We are also testing for powdery mildew, which normally causes a problem later in the season. This controlled trial, as with all our trials, is been overseen and documented by the University of British Columbia (UBCO).This winery is well connected in the organic industry and we already know that other wineries in the Okanagan are following the progress.

By following the GroAloe protocols provided, we have saved the winery from complete infestation. The leafhoppers have reduced in numbers by over 90%. The overall health of the Vineyard has completely transformed from weak and, in some places, diseased plants, to a robust and healthy condition with many more grape shoots now forming. What is even more encouraging is that all of the new growth has not been bitten by any new or pre-existing leafhoppers.

Rollingdale UBCO Report

Rollingdale Prelim Report 12.2.19

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