An introductory telephone conversation with our prospective clients is typically adequate to diagnose common insect, mold, mildew, fungus, and other issues. This information enables us to recommend the ideal GroAloe usage protocol to eliminate those challenges. 

When the issues are more complex, involve elements of your infrastructure, or you are looking to solve more long-term conditions, our team of experienced and proven farmers and farming consultants are available to help.

We support our clients at any stage of a project or idea, from site selection to infrastructure updates (soil, water, wormcasting, etc.) from proposals and presentations to site design and landscape architecture, budgeting, management and of course, transitioning conventional farms to organic and biodynamic environments.

We work with our clients to help design, build and manage local, residential, commercial and industrial farms, as well as:


  • Master Planned Communities / Agrihoods
  • Resorts, Retreats, Hotels and Restaurants
  • City and County Parks and Open Space
  • Senior Centers, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Religious and Spiritual Centers
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities 
  • Corporate Campuses and Rooftops
  • Camps and Community Centers
  • Private Estates, Ranches and Farms
  • Prisons and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Land Trusts and Ag Districts

We work closely with developers, design professionals, municipalities, non-profits, companies and private landowners to efficiently design, build, and manage farms in a wide variety of projects.


  • Site Assessment & Visioning
  • Program & Design 
  • Business Planning & Development
  • Community Engagement & Marketing
  • Implementation & Management
  • Evaluation & Coaching
  • Soil regenerative issues
  • Significant crop infestations, mold, mildew, fungus, etc…
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