Protecting and Rejuvenating Cacao Crops

 Cacao Crops

GroAloe Bio-stimulant application on Cacao crops in Polman, West Sulawesi  the dying Cacao crops because of Vascular Streak Dieback (VSD) attack.
After revival those Cacao plants Produced 30-40 Healthy and Big fruits from each tree.

 Explanation of how GroAloe Bio-Stimulant protects and rejuvenates Rice and Cacao Crops:

  • The High Lignin content of GroAloe Bio-stimulant clears any blockage of xylem and Phloem. Lignin serves as the deliverer of nutrients and food plants through the Phloem and Xylem vessels.Blockages happen because of inflammation caused by disease and are cleared with GroAloe.
  • The of Healing Agent of GroAloe (heals wounds, neutralizing Myco –toxin poison ) revitalising the plants metabolism that had been “broken“ by the virus or fungus attacks. Plants begins to shoots new leaves buds then produce flowers.
  • On Rice crops Myco toxin spread by Tungro Virus (TV) and Rice Ragged Stunt Virus (RRSV) spread by Green Plant Hopper and Brown Plant Hopper. GroAloe can protect the crops with routine application and the deadly myco-toxin caused by viruses can be cured.
  • On Cacao plants Myco-toxin spread by bacterium Oncobasidium theobromae, which causes Cacao leaves to fall and plant branches to die; this leads to the occurrence Kanker 
  • that will eventually kill the whole plant. GroAloe Bio-stimulant is capable of neutralizing this myco-toxin.

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