Andrew Naar

Married to a Naturopath, Andrew Naar and his family have always seen the incredible benefits that healthy living and eating can have on the human body. This was no more evident than seeing the effects that artificial colours, artificial flavours and chemicals had on his children and seeing how positively impactful a healthy diet can be.

Naar and his family have always kept a healthy home, wherever possible purchasing fresh produce, organic produce and cooking as much as they could themselves.

As an entrepreneur running a successful IT Services Business in Australia, Naar was always open to new and innovative businesses that could positively impact the global community.

It was in 2018 that Leonard Atlas, a long-time friend and associate from a previous health food business, contacted Andrew with the opportunity to improve the global food chain by promoting an organic bio stimulant and soil amendment which naturally repels most pests, mold, fungus and disease from most crops.

One thing led to another and Atlas and Naar partnered to create Better Green Crops to help promote organic and biodynamic farming globally.

“ We hear so often how the “wonder chemicals” of the past are proving to be the stimulus for the chronic ailments and illnesses that our families, friends and communities are having to deal with more and more.

I am so excited knowing that we can truly help the global farming community remove so many of the toxins and chemicals currently used to grow their crops and in so doing improve not only their farming land and environment but at the same time supplying healthy, clean and organic produce to the global consumer.”

Leonard Atlas

Leonard was born into a family that owned floral wholesale, retail, importing and decorating companies, founded by his father and 3 uncles in 1946 and headquartered at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. He grew up with an appreciation and fascination of how amazing and beautiful flowers are and how happy they make people feel and can transform any environment from drab to cheerful.

In 1992 Atlas left the flower business to pursue a career in global sales development and consulting.  He authored 2 books on sales and sales management and has delivered keynote speeches and workshops in 15 countries.

In 2018 Atlas was approached by Andrew Naar, a long-time friend and herbal health activist in Sydney, Australia.  Andrew, was looking for an organic business he could grow globally.  Coincidentally, at that time, Atlas was consulting with a company that was promoting an organic bio stimulant and soil amendment which naturally repels most pests from most crops.

One thing led to another and Atlas and Naar partnered to create Better Green Crops to help promote organic and biodynamic farming globally.

Atlas is enjoying being back in the world of agriculture and spending time on his clients’ farms helping them improve the quality of their soil, crops and yields.  Personally, he aspires to establish his own biodynamic farm in the near future.

Daniel “Farmer Boo” Rotberg

Daniel “Farmer Boo” Rotberg is a pioneer in the organic farming movement, having run a very successful 18-acre mid-size organic farm in Lexington, Georgia for 25 years.  This farm focused on heirloom varieties, especially tomatoes, salad greens, garlic, and muscadine grapes.

Farmer Boo was a founding member of the Athens, GA. Farmer’s market. One of the most successful beyond organic farmer’s market in Georgia.  He was on the board of directors as well as a regular vendor at the market for many years.  Boo also was a working member of Certified Naturally Grown and took part in their process of helping certify other farms, which included farm inspections and farmer interviews.

Boo was also a founding member of Athens Locally Grown. An incredibly successful and ingenious online organic farmers market.  This online co-op enables growers and buyers to interact digitally while giving buyers access to many growers that aren’t local to them.   It still exists today and is stronger than ever.

Boo has taught organic farming classes and run demonstrations for children and adults of all ages, all over the world, including Skyros Greece, Bat Shlomo Israel and Los Angeles, California.

“My passion has never wavered nor my desire to continue organic farming and organic farming practices and this tremendous patented Aloe Vera based product has certainly spiked my interest and desire to help other farmers. 

Up until now, it was unheard of to have a product that enhances plant health and production, that also has the added benefit of repelling insects and plant diseases right out of town! I hope to be able to share many more incredible stories and successes from farms and farmers across the globe.”

Daron “Farmer D” Joffe

A nationally recognized biodynamic farmer, designer, speaker, educator and entrepreneur, Daron is the author of the acclaimed book Citizen Farmers: The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities and Give Back to the Earth”. 

He is the founder of Farmer D Consulting and has spent the past 20 years designing and building community farms and gardens all over the country. Farmer D is now available to work with GroAloe (or Aloe420) clients

Daron “Farmer D” Joffe has worked on a wide range of public and private farm development projects ranging from residential “agrihood” communities like Serenbe and Rancho Mission Viejo to non-profit projects such as Coastal Roots Farm and Camp Twin Lakes.

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